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Discover Spatial Patterns with Heat Map in vMAP

One of the basic foundations of spatial analysis revolves around understanding patterns and trends of various phenomena. You might be interested in finding where do traffic accidents mostly occur, where do petty crimes usually happen, or even where do coffee shops concentrate around the city. In GIS, we often use heat maps to describe and visualize this information so that it will be easily communicated to the viewers.

Aug 20, 2019

SWOT Analysis for Unique Post-Disaster Business Using vMAP

Natural disasters do not always cause losses, but can also provide an opportunity for business. With putting forward on ethics and humanity, here is a list of unique post-disaster business and its analysis.

Sep 10, 2019

Enabling Location Analytics in Your Organization

If you are a business owner today and you still have not tapped the power of location in most of your decision-making processes, perhaps you are missing an important ingredient for success. Your factories, your customers, your employees, and your vehicles all contain location data, that if properly visualized and analyzed can uncover a lot of insights. And by starting to incorporate location in your business processes and daily operation, you are on the right track towards success.

Sep 10, 2019

Using vMAP in Pedestrian Shed Mapping

In sustainability development, urban planners are often interested in determining the walkability within urban city centers, as well as the major public facilities in it. This concept of walkability among modern city centers has become influential amidst the ever-growing demand to develop sustainable and accessible urban designs. The idea is that, to lessen the carbon footprints generated by these expanding urban centers, people should be able to walk more by making most of the facilities such as recreational areas, civic offices, and public transportation hubs more accessible. And this is where pedestrian shed analysis comes in.

Sep 1, 2019

Dynamic Map Filtering and Site Selection in vMAP

Whether you are starting your first business venture or expanding an already successful franchise, one of the crucial aspects of business for entrepreneurs is location. Deciding where you will put up your first laundromat or the third branch of your milk tea franchise ultimately determines the success or failure of the business venture. Before, determining this usually takes so much time and resources due to the limited or sometimes lack of essential data (i.e. demographics, physical, and socioeconomic) that will help identify potential candidate sites. But with the continuous influx of digital data today, almost all these are now accessible or can be easily acquired through modern data acquisition techniques.

Aug 28, 2019

Web GIS: Mapping at the Age of Internet

Ten years ago, if you ask me to make a map of all the National and State Parks of the United States, with all its descriptions and related information accessible by the public as a web mapping application, I would probably stop you right there and convince you that neither am I a GIS developer nor a programmer, and that I can only make printed maps of those parks. But gone are those days when digital mapping is only done by highly-skilled Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professionals. Today, one can make these web maps in just a few clicks and practically share them to everyone as well. Just like other disruptive technologies that make our lives easier from booking an accommodation with Airbnb, and hailing a cab with Uber, digital mapping has never been this uncomplicated through Web GIS.

Aug 10, 2019