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vMAP Portal enables you to map your business with all the power of a fully featured, web-based GIS tool.

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vMAP is a powerful, accessible web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) solution providing businesses with data visualisation, analysis, route calculation, reporting and many other valuable features. vMAP is a user-friendly mapping option for your company as it has a simple setup with little need for technical expertise. You can use open-source GIS tools with vMAP as your frontend or integrate vMAP’s API with your own websites or apps.

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Household survey
GIS Implementation for Household Survey Using vMAP

The household survey is conducted to list population data related to the project carried out by certain parties. Projects that usually require household surveys include projects with the theme of poverty, health, and population census projects. Both the government and non-governmental organizations (as initiators), need survey data to determine strategies for the continuation of their projects, for example an organization wanting to send assistance to the poor, where the intended poor are those who fit their project criteria, then based on the results of the household survey it can be seen the distribution of the population that falls into the criteria of poor population.

Tourism and GIS: Mapping and Promoting Places

The tourism industry is one of the primary segments of the government that can benefit a lot with the help of GIS. If you can recall, one of the basic functions of GIS and mapping is answering where things are. And this is very helpful especially for industries like tourism wherein, people are always interested to know where the beautiful sceneries are, how to get there and almost all questions, big or small, about a certain place.

Filter tool: A viable Application for Assessing Queries

We are living in the age of technological advancement essentially driven by data. Whether making a decision, looking into a cause or an effect, or forecasting a scenario-data gathering, management, and interpretation is the mainstay. This has driven companies and individuals to collect and manage humongous quantities of data to perform various tasks. As this data is stored in the form of databases generated through space and time, which might go up to gigabytes in extent. This enormity renders meaningful derivation and presentation of data a daunting task.

Monitoring the Performance of Salesmen in the Outlets of a Consumer Goods Company Using vMAP

In the modern Age, Geographic Information System (GIS) technology can be a prima donna to help companies analyze their marketing and sales monitoring. Before the GIS era was developed, many companies still used traditional methods to analyze the data they had, where the data in the form of numbers was only presented in the form of tables and graphs. So as to get a comprehensive picture of the company's marketing and monitoring conditions, it is only reflected through the imagination of executives, managers, and their teams.