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vMAP is a powerful, accessible web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) solution providing businesses with data visualisation, analysis, route calculation, reporting analysis and many other valuable features. vMAP is a user-friendly mapping option for your company as it has a simple setup with little need for technical expertise. You can use open-source GIS tools with vMAP as your frontend or integrate vMAP’s API with your own websites or apps.

What's new about vMAP

Weltweite regionale Solardaten; World solar regional data

Mapping the Distribution of Solar Energy Potentials in Indonesia Using vMAP

Indonesia is a country that is along the equator. If an area approaches the equator, it will have a tropical climate, or in other words, it only has two seasons, namely the dry season and the rainy season. The difference between tropical and non-tropical countries is the time of solar irradiation. Non-tropical countries usually have 4 seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter) where the highest solar irradiation time is during summer, which usually lasts 3 months (December to March). While in tropical countries have the highest solar irradiation time during the dry season which can last 6-7 months (March to September) with a peak period of around 4 months.

Bunt gedruckte Karte; Colorful printed map

Tourism and GIS: Mapping and Promoting Places

The application of GIS is very encompassing. Various industries can use GIS in different ways; to help them answer a spatial inquiry, to expand the reach of their business, and even to communicate and engage with the public. While most of the pioneer industries and foremost users of GIS are those that are into research, the digital age is slowly bringing in GIS to power up business operations. And in recent years, we’ve been seeing how government agencies are also starting to use GIS to improve public service and develop innovative ways to promote public engagement.

Filtereinstellungsdialog; filter setting dialog

Filter tool: A viable Application for Assessing Queries

We are living in the age of technological advancement essentially driven by data. Whether making a decision, looking into a cause or an effect, or forecasting a scenario-data gathering, management, and interpretation is the mainstay. This has driven companies and individuals to collect and manage humongous quantities of data to perform various tasks. As this data is stored in the form of databases generated through space and time, which might go up to gigabytes in extent. This enormity renders meaningful derivation and presentation of data a daunting task.

viele Hände; many hands

Spatial Data Collection Using Crowdsourcing

There are a lot of ways to gather information and business data nowadays. Unlike before, technological advancement in this modern age allows companies to generate and collect almost everything they need for business modeling, strategic research, forecasting, and many others. While this has been the case, oftentimes this kind of data generation involves a lot of cost and investment, which may not be desirable for some.