Run your business with vMAP

Make systematic business decisions by geomarketing GIS

Improve the decisions that affect your profitability and exceed your customers’ needs with full-featured GIS software . Save time, meet budgets, cut costs and analyse critical data using the enhanced attributes of vMAP’s intelligent software, whose functionality is suited to the retail industry’s business processes. Find and select new sites, promote your products, satisfy your customer base, and run your business more efficiently. Be confident in your capacity to increase performance with vMAP’s many features, as well as alleviate single problem areas and minimise errors company-wide.

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Key features that improve your business

Goods Delivery

Get more efficient deliveries with optimised routing solutions.

User Management

Easily define authorisation with our simple user management. Control your routes, staff and data efficiently to maximise company profit.

Business Reports

Flexible report design with customised delivery options from multiple data sources.


A selection of visually rich, customisable basemaps to present your data effectively.

Data Formats

Wide range of data formats supported for hassle-free importing.

Multiple-Access Options

Manage people and content in the way that best promotes your business’ development. Access vMAP on your premises, via cloud-based solution, or private server.


Combine geographic information with a customer's profile and behaviours for clear and intelligent data analysis. Market to the right people with vMAP GIS tools and improve the performance of your business with confidence.

Analyse for market planning, site selection, and customer selection. Combine demographics, spend and lifestyle data with map-based analytics to create detailed and accurate reports. See people and opportunities with clarity using visualised maps of your customer data with geomarketing software vMAP.

Distinguish between different color blocks to show area division
 Analyse Competitors

Analyse Competitors

Gain the competitive edge by using data efficiently to assess competitors. Hone in on competitors by analysing their location, business sector and customer demographics, then use this information to your advantage.


Research Customers

Using location-driven market insights, you can locate and evaluate your customer base using demographics, consumer behaviours and lifestyle characteristics. Use this data to effectively connect shop locations with target consumers.

 Determine Locations

Determine Locations

Visualise relevant economic and demographics information on vMAP, analyse data on the map, and give a clear view of where are the most beneficial places, help to select potential new store locations perfect for your target markets.

 Advertising Locations

Advertising Locations

Select the best locations for your business to advertise, and find sites most likely to be profitable for your company, by identifying market trends and consumer demographics in areas surrounding your base location.

Sales & Merchandising

Manage your business more efficiently by connecting vMAP with your business data.

 Data Synchronisation

Sales Data Synchronisation

Freely integrate vMAP with your sales data systems, such as CRM, to receive automatic, real-time data.

 Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis

View sales territories, stores and activities conveniently via vMAP’s interactive maps and easily analyse sales performance.

 Sales Arrangement

Sales Arrangement

Draw or generate sales territories to identify market areas and allocate sales resources.

User Management

Multi-level rights management in vMAP can be used to allocate different functions and data clearance to different users, so multiple users can work on the same data at the same time yet with individual content rights.

vMAP Rights Management Page
mapview mandator in vMAP
 mandator in vMAP
 Data Authorisation

Data Authorisation

Users only have access to mapviews or data for which they have been authorised.

 Flexible Collaboration

Flexible Collaboration

Alternate users can access different parts of the same dataset – even if within the same visualisation.

 Function Authorisation

Function Authorisation

Users can be provided with independent levels of vMAP function access.

Optimise your deliveries with a few simple clicks

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Business Reporting

Customise the layout and data sources of your reports using SAP Crystal Reports’ visual report designer.

  • 1
    Flexible Report Design

    Create highly formatted, pixel-perfect reports quickly with Crystal Reports' intuitive design interface and efficient workflows.

  • 2
    Powerful Delivery Options

    Deliver personalised reports to your business users in the medium, language and format they expect.

  • 3
    Broad Data Connectivity

    Unify the information sources used by your business with compatible sources including Native, ODBC, OLE-DB, JDBC, OLAP, web services, XML, enterprise data sources, and Salesforce.