One-Stop GIS Solution

Plot your business data with vMAP


Gain data-guided business insights

vMAP empowers your data insights with interactive data mapping, perfect for checking every business detail, customer segmentation and demographics, sales territory, marketing plans and effects. Sales leaders can quickly analyse CRM and other data sets, identify customers and opportunities, and track team performance in real time. vMAP enables businesses to zoom in on specific periods or markets, compare individual stores or locations, and create sustainable, profitable strategies with total operational insights.


Key features that improve your business

Clear & Visual Maps

Visualise your business data with vivid, clear mapping to gain the best picture of your business decisions and activities.

Data Integration

Easily import and export data in various formats between vMAP and other systems.

Printed Maps & Reports

Generate customisable reports using defined data, templates and formats from visual maps.

Multi-Access Options

Flexible access via cloud-based solutions or installed on private servers.


Multiple factors go into identifying markets of greatest potential, and maximum information is required for calculated growth. vMAP enables layering of multiple datasets on basemaps and deep dataset styling for quick digestion by viewers. As a result, business growth and harnessing of new markets are simplified.


Identify Target Customers

Use GIS mapping to visualise customer and competitor locations, then identify and prioritise locations for future targeting.


Plan Marketing Campaigns

Map the value of customer purchases, then assess value of target geomarketing campaigns and pinpoint optimal locations.


Market Research

Combine geographic information with customer behaviour profiles for clear, intuitive data analysis.


Improve Decision-Making

Visualisation of key geomarketing data provides a shared decision-making support platform for all marketing campaigns and events.

Sales CRM

Discover new levels of business management by connecting vMAP to your CRM data. View sales territories, stores and activities by interactive map, and easily analyse sales performance.


Classify Your Customers

Define your ideal customer and where to find them, then map the territories and revenue figures with the ability to research each prospect.

Split Sales Territories

Visualise sales territories with underloaded or overloaded sales volumes, then restructure and balance these territories, and improve performance of sales staff.

Compare Sales Performance

Identify areas for attention by highlighting low-performing sectors. This simplifies the adjustment process to match your high-performing sales territories.

Allocate Sales Resources

Identify areas for expansion and underserved markets, then align and balance existing and new staff workloads to supercharge each facet of your sales process.

Customer Service

Apply geography to your customer information data with vMAP’s intelligent mapping and adaptive analytics. Shorten case durations, improve customer experiences, and ensure the right resources are always in place.


Understand Client Needs

Provide clients with deeper insights when integrating your market and fiscal models – no matter their financial and geographic stance.


Respond to Problems

Integrate vMAP with your support system to rapidly identify issues, provide locational response data, and conduct logistical support.


Track Services

Track your service processes for all staff with real-time geographic scope, recording all services via comprehensive map for simple review.