What is vMAP?

Is this a web-based service?

What are the hardware and software requirements for vMAP?

What is the coordinate system of the web maps in vMAP?

Can I use Bing/Google/OSM or other maps as the background map in vMAP?


How much does it cost to use vMAP?

Can I have a free trial?

Is my data stored on the vMAP server when my free 15-day trial period ends?

How can I purchase/pay/subscribe vMAP service? What payment methods do you offer?

Which plan (data package) should I choose?

How do I change (upgrade/downgrade/cancel) my plan?

Do I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

Where do I view and update all my payment, invoice, billing information?


How do I create or delete a user account?

Can I use a custom domain for my vMAP account?

Can I share the mapview to others?

How do I change the language setting in your account?

I forgot my user/admin account password, how do I change my password?


Who do I contact when I need vMAP support?

How do I report problems (data problems, bugs, payment) when using vMAP?

Does vMAP accept feature requests

Data security

Is it secure to put my data on the vMAP server?

How can I backup my data?

Is my data shared or showed to third parties?