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vMAP system settings

5 min Intro

In the Edit settings window in vMAP Portal, you can change your login password, manage popup windows for objects, switch system language, and switch user roles by changing Mandators. 

Change password in vMAP Portal

After logging into vMAP, locate your username on the top right corner of the screen. Click your username to open the Edit settings window. Input your old and new password. Click the save1 button to save updates.


Activate the popup feature in vMAP

The Popup feature is to manage the object information and display effects of the popup windows in vMAP (As shown in the red box below). It is helpful if you want to check the object information quickly and do further analysis.

After setting the popup feature, to activate the automatic popup in vMAP front end, uncheck Disable automatic popup option on the Edit settings window.

You can configure popup information in vMAP Admin Center by checking out Set popup window for vMAP.


Switch system language

You can choose the system language on the vMAP login page.

It is also feasible to change the vMAP system language during an active session. After login, at the top right corner, locate the language field, and select a language from the drop-down list.


Switch a Mandator

Each of vMAP account will be assigned with a Mandator role to define the user rights. Different roles have different rights on mapviews and functions. You can choose the Mandator during the login process. Or you can switch a user's Mandator after log onto the vMAP entry page during an active session.

The Mandator menu is located at the top right corner. In this example, the Mandator is set as Demo (as shown in the screenshot below). Click the image893 button to view available Mandators and select from the drop-down list.