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vMAP main page overview

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What does vMAP main page include?

You can see the default vMAP main page after logging into vMAP Portal (vMAP front end). As a default there is no mapview being displayed in the center map panel, and only the navigation bar is displayed towards the top of the screen. Only after a mapview is created or loaded that it will be displayed in the center map panel.

The default main page when first login

The default main page has no information when you first log into vMAP as you haven't configured any feature yet. On the main page, there are six buttons available. (See the red boxes within the following screenshot)


1. File

When you click on the File button, you will find the below items in the drop-down menu of File, these items will be introduced in the documentation later.


2. Extras

When you click on the Extras button, you will find these items in the drop-down menu of Extras, these items will be introduced in the documentation later.


3. Language settings

4. Account settings

5. Mandator

6. Log out

The main page after mapview loaded

After you have created a mapview and imported data onto the mapview, and also configured some features in vMAP Admin Center, the main page will look like the following picture.

Besides the above six buttons, the below items display on the main page:

1. Mapview name 

2. Mapview general information

3. Real time filtering

4. Layer manager 

5. Object inspector

6. Map legend

7. Objects (points/lines/polygon) on mapview

8. Toolbar