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Style point

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Icon or Symbol in vMAP is used to customise point style. You can use the vMAP built-in symbol, or upload and edit your own icon to vMAP in order to have a unique style. Once the icon has been uploaded and replaced on a layer, the points on that layer will be all changed to that icon. Different layers can set different icons for points, which will help you differentiate data.

For example, layer A has all the store locations in an area, which are marked with icon icon10, layer B has all the housing buildings which are marked with icon icon11. With the icon locations and numbers, you can generally compare and analyse the human traffic and sales potentials for each store, or do further business analysis. The example will be like the below screenshot:


How do I customise the point style?

Step 1. To customise the style of polygon, click on the editvalue icon towards the top right corner of the Layer Manager panel on the vMAP main page to open the Edit mapview window

Step 2. In the Edit mapview window, select the target layer from the list on the Select layer step, then customise the point style in the Layer settings tab under the Layer setting step.

Step 3. In the Layer Settings tab, configure the symbol or icon in the address+points section. 

vMAP offers two approaches for point style customisation.

Approach 1. Click on the Symbols radio button, then from the Symbols drop-down list select a symbol, such as Quadrangle, Circle or Triangle.


Approach 2.  Click on the Icon radio button, then from the Icon drop-down list select an icon. The drop-down list provides pre-defined icons such as traffic and house icons as shown below. You can set the icon size via direct input or by adjusting the pixel value using the Size box.

(Note: If the system default icons can not meet your requirements, you can also upload and edit an icon in vMAP Portal, or Manage icons for vMAP users in vMAP Admin Center.)

icon 1