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Share map

5 min Intro

What is map sharing in vMAP?

You can share your mapviews with others by providing its URL. This can be useful if you want non-vMAP users to view and check your mapview immediately.

For example, if you have a mapview with branch store locations you can embed the URL directly on your website, and you can update the URL accordingly. This way the visitors can view the up-to-date mapviews with your latest store distributions.

How do I share mapview with others?

Click share1 button on the toolbar at the bottom of the vMAP main page to open the Share map window.


Step 1. Configure the password for sharing map link

PASSWORD PROTECTED means that the shared map link is private and only users with the password can access it. Input password and confirm it by typing it in a second time.

PUBLIC means that the shared map link is publicly available and the mapview can be accessed by any user with the link.

Step 2. Configure the time limit for the shared map link

HAVE TIME LIMIT means that it is only available within the designated time period. vMAP offers four types for temporal units: One hour, One day, One week, One month.

NO TIME LIMIT means that it is available permanently.

Step 3. Copy the generated link for sharing
Click Copy button and paste the link in an email or similar messaging tools. Users who are provided with the shared map link can have access to your mapview during the designated time period. See screenshot below.


Step 4. Check and edit the shared map list

After configuring the settings, select Sharemaplist item from the extras drop-down menu on the top navigation bar of the vMAP main page to open the Share map list window.

The Share map list window lists all sharable links that have been created by the current user. Select a mapview name from the left panel to retrieve its sharing details.

Select a mapview name from the left panel then click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_37_2 button to delete a particular shared mapview from the list.