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Print mapview

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Print mapview

After you have completed all operations on the mapview, you can print it out for offline sharing or other necessary purposes.  This article describes the operational details of printing the mapview.

vMAP offers two approaches to open the Reports Wizard window for printing the mapview:

Approach 1. Click the printicon icon on the bottom Toolbar to open the Reports wizard window.

Approach 2. Select the Print0419 item to open the Reports wizard window from the extras drop-down menu on the top navigation bar of vMAP main page to open the Reports wizard window.


After the Reports Wizard window opens, please follow the below steps:

Step 1. Fill in the Map Background and Report Template fields by selecting a value from the respective drop-down menus. In the example below, we have selected the default settings of OpenStreetMap WMS for the Map Background field and Report print template for the Report field for demonstration purposes. Click Continue button to proceed to Step 2.

Note: Each new user account has no background map and report template. For the configuration of map background and report styles/templates, you need to create the template with Crystal Reports and then configure the report in vMAP Admin Center. If you have questions with creating template by Crystal Reports, please contact [email protected].


Step 2.
Set parameters for the report

The parameters available in Step 2 are based on the report template that was chosen in Step 1. For the report template chosen in this example, you can set the Zoom Out Factor for the report.

Although vMAP supports limitless printing zoom levels, we recommend that you set the zoom level to between 0 and 10 for a better viewing effect. The details of the mapview increase from level 0 to level 10. After the zoom level is selected, click the Continue button to move to Step 3.


Step 3.
Input needed information for the report, and select one output format. vMAP supports output formats like PDF, MS Excel, Word and RTF.


Step 4. To print the report, click the image1674 button.

You can view the processing progress in the Action list window towards the bottom left corner of the vMAP main page.

To download the report, click the branchmanager73 button on the Action list window, you will see the report result of the mapview with chosen template and backgound map.