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Prepare data

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Before you upload the data, you have to prepare the data file with necessary values and proper format.

What data formats does vMAP support?

vMAP supports data types including Shapefile(Zip), Mapinfo TAB/MIF(Zip), KML, Excel, vMapPortal(Beta). When you are importing data into vMAP, you can choose any format from the supported types. If you uploaded the wrong format, the import process will fail.

What fields do the data need to contain?

When importing the dataset (point/line/polygon) into vMAP, the dataset should contain two mandatory two fields, id and the_geom, plus other user-defined fields.

  • ID field

The ID field is used as the primary key of the dataset, it is unique for each row and used for recognition purposes. You can use serial numbers(1,2,3,4,5...) or names of the object (point/line/polygon) as the ID field. For example, if using store point names for the ID fields, the ID fields could be: StoreA, StoreB, StoreC, etc.

  • the_geom

The the_geom field stores the geometry (X, Y coordinates) of the dataset, which is used to position the data on the map. You can use the geocoding feature of vMAP to generate X, Y coordinates from address data if you do not have the coordinates in your data.

  • other user-defined fields

Other fields are descriptive information associated with the dataset.

For example, if you are uploading the shopping mall dataset, the descriptive information could be Opening hours, Products, Parking information, etc. 

If you are uploading the crime rate dataset, the descriptive information could be Date, Personnel, Crime types, etc.