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Manage report templates

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Report templates are used to define the displayed information, style and layout of reports for report generation and printing functionalities in vMAP Portal. vMAP's report templates should first be created in Crystal Reports, where you can configure what to display in the reports. Then you could go to the Report Template Management page to upload the pre-configured report templates to vMAP.

After you have configured the report template using Crystal Reports, upload it to the vMAP Admin Center for further operations, for example downloading or deleting it.

vMap Admin Center update 201801002_92_0

How to generate report templates?

To generate a report template, you can follow the below operations:

Upload a file

  • Create a report template in Crystal Reports, where you can customise the information and designs of your reports. Then save the template to your local disk, the template is in rpt format in Crystal Reports. For support for creating report template in Crystal Reports, please contact vMAP support.
  • Click select1 button to select the created report template form your local disk.

  • Click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_92_2 button to upload the selected file.
  • After uploading, check the uploaded file in the left Report Template List.

Download report template

Click on the arrow button to download the selected report template to your local disk.

Delete report template

Select a report template first, click delete1 button.