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Log into vMAP Portal

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How do I log into vMAP Portal?

First, click on the login button from your account information email after signing up. Alternatively, click on the LOGIN button at the top right corner of vMAP website, then input your account information to log into Account page, there you will find the vMAP Portal url. Click on the url to log into vMAP Portal.

Fill in your provided Username and Password, and select needed system language. Click LOGIN button.

(Here we use the vMAP Portal demo web page for demonstration purposes)


Then you will go to the vMAP Portal entry page. In the case that your user account has been assigned with more than one Mandator (user role), you will be led to a second login page. Select the Mandator, which is a user role with different access rights to data and vMAP features. After choosing the Mandator you should be able to access the vMAP Portal.

Please review Information about Mandator for detailed information on Mandator, or contact vMAP support if you need more Mandators (user roles) created under your account.