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Import data into vMAP

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Why do I need to import data?

When you have uploaded and imported spatial data successfully, vMAP will display the data (point/line/polygon) visually on the mapview for further operations, such as:

  • locate addresses
  • analyse business areas
  • calculate optimal routes for multiple points
  • conduct various analyses in a regional context

That's why point, line and polygon data need to be imported first to ensure further important analyses and other operations.

(Note: The imported data in vMAP must be in accordance with the supported data formats, and contain necessary fields. Please refer to Prepare data for detailed information. When you have prepared the data properly, you can go on with the following steps to import data.)

How do I import data?

You can import data into vMAP with the following steps:

Step 1. Upload data file

Please refer to Upload data file for detailed operations.

Step 2. Set the mapping parameters for the layer

Please refer to Set mapping parameters for layer for detailed operations.

Step 3. Set the mapping parameters for point and/or polygon.

Please refer to Set mapping parameters for point and/or polygon for detailed operations.

After completing the above three steps, the data should be imported into vMAP successfully and could be used for visualisation and analysis purposes on the mapview.