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Filter data from a layer

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When your map contains multiple layers with different geometries, the filter feature is a good option for searching and displaying only some of the data on the mapview. For example, you can filter based on postal code, city name, or areas with population over 1000 etc. This way you can quickly locate the data of interest on the mapview.

How can I filter data from a layer?

To filter data from a layer, locate the Layer Manager panel and follow these steps:

Step 1. To open the Filters window, click on the image1040 button in front of the layer name.



Step 2.
To configure the filter values, select a drop-down option from the Field and Operation fields, and input the desired value in the Criteria field.

Step 3. To display the results that meet the filter conditions, click on the Search button.

Step 4. To view selected objects on the mapview, first check the showselection2801 checkbox, then in the Filtered Data panel, check individual checkboxes of desired rows, or objects. Alternatively, you can first check individual checkboxes of desired rows, then click on the image1067 button. The selected objects will be displayed on the mapview.

Step 5. To reset a filter condition, click on the reset icon located after each filter rule in the Filter rules Panel, or check the 'Clear filtering rules when condition changes' checkbox.

Step 6. To save the filter conditions, click the Apply button in the Filters window.

Tips: To clear the filter conditions, click the Reset button.