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Export data from vMAP

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What data types can I export?

All spatial data in vMAP can be exported in various formats. For example, points (addresses), polygons (areas), and calculated routes can be exported in formats such as shapefile, CSV, Excel, and KML. You can also customise your file before exporting it, such as filtering data with specific conditions or configuring what values you want to be exported.

While exporting data, you also have the option to share the map with updated spatial data with others, or to view it on other business systems like ERP and CRM.

How do I export data in vMAP?

To export data, follow below steps:

Step 1. Open Export data window

vMAP offers two approaches to open the Export data window.

Approach 1: Select Exportdata032801 from the File button drop-down menu on the top navigation bar. 

Approach 2: Click on the image1354 icon towards the top right corner of the Layer Manager panel.

Step 2. Select one layer

1. Click on the image1089 icon to list all layers in the below panel, or enter keywords into the Select layer search box to find your desired layer.


2. To select a layer from the list, check the layer checkbox and click the applybutton button.

Step 3. Select File type and Coordinate format

1. The default file type is the Shapefile. You can select your preferred File type from the drop-down menu.

2. The default coordinate format is WGS-84. You can select your preferred Coordinate format from the drop-down menu.

Step 4. (Optional) Filter the data

1. To view the details of your selected layer, click the image1158 icon to the right of the layer name. (See details in the red box shown of the screenshot below)


2. To filter data using the Filter window, click on the image1164 icon to the right of the layer name.


3. Input the desired filter conditions.

4. To view the search results based on these filter conditions, click on Search button in the Filter window. The data that meet the search conditions will be listed in the table below.

5. To save the filter results, click the Apply button in the Filter window.

Step 5. Set exported fields

Follow the below steps to set your export fields:

1. Select export object type(s).

  • To export the point information of the layer, check the Point checkbox.
  • To export the polygon information of the layer, check the Polygon checkbox.
  • Check both if point and polygon data need to be exported.

2. To select the source data fields you would like to export, click on the image1421 icon located towards the top right corner of the window to load the source data fields into the table below. (See the screenshot below)
3. To add all available source data fields for exporting, click the image1427 icon. You can view the export progress in the Action list window towards the bottom left corner of the vMAP main page.



To remove all selected fields from the below grid, click the image1433 icon.
To remove a single field, click the image1441 icon to the right of a field name.

Step 6. Save and export data

1. To proceed the export process, click the save button.

An Action list will prompt at the bottom left corner of the window showing the export process.


2. When the export finishes, click on the image1454 icon on the Action list window to download the file. The exported file will be in the format you selected and downloaded to your local disk.