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Create a user and manage rights

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This article will introduce how to manage the vMAP Portal (front end) users, Mandators and their rights in vMAP.

vMAP Portal user accounts can be created, edited and deleted by vMAP administrator in Admin Center.

Mandator rights include features and data they have access to. You can create Mandators by contacting the vMAP team and assign them to different users. For example, marketers who have been assigned with the Marketing Mandator would only have the right to view advertising maps in vMAP Portal, sales who have been assigned with the Sales Mandator would only have the right to view clients' information, and managers who have been assigned to the Manager Mandator would be able to view and edit all maps. The names of Mandator can be customised by admin user.

How do I create a new vMAP user?

In vMAP Admin Center, go the page User Management > User and click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_26_1 button, input the required information. Then click on save button to create the user.

In addition to the standard user information, there are two fields need to be explained: Standard Mandator, Standard Mapview.

Standard Mandator: Several Mandators can be assigned to a user.  The Standard Mandator is the default Mandator when a user logs into vMAP Portal. 

Standard Mapview: Choose a default mapview from the existing mapview list, so it would display automatically once the user logs into vMAP Portal.

vMap Admin Center update 201801002_27_0

How do I edit and delete a user?

Edit a user

Click on an existing user from the User panel. Information of the selected user will be displayed in the User information panel. You can edit the user information on the corresponding tab. (See the screenshot below)

vMap Admin Center update 201801002_28_0


1. In the User panel to the left, the user name in red is the current logged in user in Admin Center, and user names in black are the ordinary users who only have operation rights in vMAP Portal.

2. On the Default setting tab, you can edit the Standard Mandator and Standard Mapview.

3. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) in vMAP enables you to log into vMAP with your domain account after configuration. Here you can only view the already configured information, which has usually been configured by vMAP support for you. Please contact vMAP support if you need it.

Delete a user

Select a user from the User panel to the left, the click on vMap Admin Center update 201801002_37_2 button.

Note: If the selected user is linked to another Mandator, mapview, layer or layer group, it can’t be deleted until these links are disconnected.

How do I view Mandator information?

Each vMAP user needs to be assigned with one or more Mandators to access vMAP. Different Mandators have different mapviews and operation rights. Please review Information about Mandator for introduction to Mandator in vMAP.

On the page of User Management > Mandator, you can view the information of Mandators. The information is read only.

Note:  If you need more than one Mandator role, or want to edit and delete Mandator, please contact vMAP support team.


How do I select a background map for a Mandator?

Through the Background tab, you can assign background maps to a Mandator. Users assigned with this Mandator can then use these background maps in vMAP Portal. Please check Assign background map for detailed operations.

How do I manage the Mandator rights?

On the page of User Management > Rights, user can activate the rights of Mandators to define what the Mandator can or cannot do. This will directly affect what users can perform on vMAP Portal for the users assigned with that Mandator.

Once a Mandator is selected from the list of Mandators, all the rights of the Mandator will be listed in the table to the right under the Rights tab. Users can search for a single right by typing its value into the search box.

The Mandator rights can be activated either one-by-one by checking the checkboxes to the right or all-at-once by clicking on select-all button towards the top right portion of the Rights Tab.

vMap Admin Center update 201801002_34_3