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Assign background map

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What is background map?

Background map is a set of available map backgrounds which are pre-configured in vMAP Admin Center by the system administrators. Currently, vMAP supports Google map, Bing map, OSM map and HERE map.

vMAP supports four map types: Tile, generic; WMS, generic; Tile, google; Tile, Bing. The OpenStreetMap is the default background map in vMAP. Please contact vMAP support if you need more background maps.

Assign a background map to a Mandator

Mandator is the role with different rights in vMAP. To protect your data integrity and privacy, vMAP is designed with a well-defined Role and Access Management (R&A System), which allows users to access their own specialised data.

After creating a new background map, you need to assign it to a Mandator. All users assigned with that Mandator can view and use the assigned background map.

1. Assume that you already configured some background maps in vMAP (or ask vMAP support's help to pre-configure for you), then all the available background maps will be listed in the Background grid. Select and assign the background map, such as OpenStreetMap, to Mandator "Demo" by clicking the arrow button.

vMap Admin Center update 201801002_21_0

Log into vMAP Portal (front end) with Mandator "Demo", you can see the added background "OpenStreetMap", and you can select and apply it to the mapview.

vMap Admin Center update 201801002_21_1