Monitoring the Performance of Salesmen in the Outlets of a Consumer Goods Company Using vMAP

Dec 01, 2023

In the modern Age, Geographic Information System (GIS) technology can be a prima donna to help companies analyze their marketing and sales monitoring. Before the GIS era was developed, many companies still used traditional methods to analyze the data they had, where the data in the form of numbers was only presented in the form of tables and graphs. So as to get a comprehensive picture of the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) company's marketing and monitoring conditions, it is only reflected through the imagination of executives, managers, and their teams.

That was felt by a sales area manager in a well-known company engaged in the sale of consumer goods. With so much data he has, of course it will cause difficulties how to monitor and update data from salesmen about sales at outlets, in addition to that the data must be stored properly in a database so that it can be reused when needed. Therefore, by using the web-based GIS portal vMAP closely with a sales area manager, it helps monitor the performance of salesmen at the outlets they cover.

Displaying Outlet Locations in vMAP Mapview

The Geocode feature in vMAP is able to display the location of outlets on a map display, through address information in the data. The outlet location address will be converted to a coordinate known as longitude (x) and latitude (y). By combining coordinate data with outlet information in Excel Spreadsheet (xls.) format, the distribution of location and outlet information can be known. Here are the results of distribution of outlet locations and information that are handled by the sales area manager:


Figure 1. Geocoding Process in vMAP


Figure 2. Combining Data Coordinates with Data Information Outlets


Figure 3. Result of Geocoding Location of The Outlets

Monitoring Sales Performance

Each salesman has their own workload, which usually includes the number of outlets that must be covered by them and also their ability to achieve sales targets set by the company. Sales area manager wants to know how the salesman performance in the field based on the data he has, by using the Cluster Style feature and also the Category & Formula feature in the Color Filter can find out which outlet information is covered by a salesman, the average achievement of sales every week, target of average sales per week, total sales achievement in a particular month, and total sales target in 2019.


Figure 4. An example of a salesman's performance and the number of outlets he covers

The use of the web-based GIS portal, vMAP, makes it easier for the sales area manager to monitor, update & manage the database, and make decisions in his sales territory, due to the display of data presented with geographical features. It is hoped that GIS technology can be widely applied in companies, especially for fellow sales area managers.