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Teamview map

10 min Intro

What is Teamview in vMAP?

Teamview is used to share the moderator's mapview to invitees in real-time. A moderator is the one who is sharing his/her mapview. vMAP can define in a database what operations (e.g. view, edit, etc.) each invitee can perform during the online teamview session.

For example, if you want to share your vMAP mapview to show your monthly sales performance of different areas in a sales meeting, invitee A needs to view and edit the data on mapview to explain and compare to last month's performance, while invitee B only needs to attend and view. vMAP Teamview feature can handle this for you.

How do I operate Teamview?

If you want to invite team members to view your map in real time, please follow the below steps:

  1. Get the online user list
  2. Send Teamview invitation to online users
  3. Send Teamview invitation to offline users
  4. Start to share mapview in real time

Step 1. Get the online user list

1. The Moderator needs to load a mapview before using the Teamview feature.

2. Select  Teamview from the extras drop-down menu on the top navigation bar to open the Teamview window.

3. To get the current online user list, click the TW5 button on the Participant Mapview window, all the online users will be displayed in the Active user list. The first column is user ID and the second column is user Name.

Tips: To refresh the online user list, click the TW6 button towards the top right of the Active user List..


Step 2.
Send Teamview invitation to online users

1. Click on a user's name from the Active user list and it will be displayed in the Name field. It can be changed as needed.

2. Set the invitee's rights and authorisation for when he/she uses Teamview. It is useful that each invitee has different rights for different purposes while using Teamview, for example viewing only or editing.

Note: The specific rights need to be configured in vMAP database, so you can customise these rights level. Please contact vMAP support for more configuration details if needed.

3. To add the online user to the Teamview User list, click to select a user from the Active user list and click Execute button. The selected user will be moved to the Teamview User list on the left.


4. To send the Teamview invitation to an online user, check the checkbox before the user. Type your invitation message in the Message to Participants text area, then click Apply button to send the invitation. The invited users will receive the invitation in vMAP Portal. After accepting the invitation, the invitees will have access to a new window with the moderator's mapview.

Step 3. Send Teamview invitation to offline users 

If an invitee is not logged onto vMAP Portal at the moment, the moderator can also send a Teamview invitation to that offline user with the user's email address. Then the invitee will receive an email with moderator's message and the mapview URL.
Click the TW19 button to send invitation to offline users. For detailed operations of Teamview invitation to offline users, please refer to Send Teamview invitation to offline users.

Step 4. Start to share mapview in real time
To hide the Teamview window, click TW32 towards the top right corner of the Teamview window. A second tab with the title Participant Mapview will appear beside the mapview tab.
Then moderator can then start sharing the real-time mapview operations, such as dragging, zooming in and zooming out the map, or hiding and showing the polygons or points on the map.