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Log in/out vMAP Admin Center

3 min Intro

vMAP Admin Center is the vMAP back end, which configures and sets vMAP's all features, and manages users and displays both in vMAP Portal (front end) and vMAP Admin Center (back end).

Who can log into vMAP Admin Center?

In Admin Center Guide we will introduce the login and settings of vMAP admin user, who will manage the vMAP account, feature and users.

Here we use demo admin user account to go over features in vMAP Admin Center.


How do I log in vMAP Admin Center?

To log in vMAP Admin Center with admin user account, please follow the below steps:

1. Open your browser (IE/Firefox/Chrome), click the LOGIN item at the top right of vMAP website to log into your vMAP account, you can find the Admin Center login URL in ther account setting page. Click to get to the Admin Center login page.

2. Input your username and password, choose a desired language, click the LOGIN button to enter your vMAP account page.

vMap Admin Center update 201801002_5_0

3. After logging in, you’ll see the dashboard. Username displays at the top right corner of the page, and all setting items display in the left panel.


How do I log out vMAP Admin Center?

Locate and click the vMap Admin Center update 201801002_7_1 button from settings panel on the top right corner of the screen.