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Information about Mandator

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What is Mandator?

To protect your data integrity and privacy, vMAP is designed with a well-defined Role and Access Management (R&A System) system, which allows users to access their own custom data and vMAP features. The Mandator is introduced in vMAP to manage user rights. Each vMAP user can be assigned with more than one Mandator, so the user can switch among these Mandators for different available data and functions.  

For viewing and configuring Mandator's information, please refer to View Mandator information in Create a user and manage rights.

How do I switch Mandator?

There are two options to switch the Mandator. First, you can select your Mandator when you log into vMAP. After you entered your user name and password, on the Mandator selection page, you can choose the Mandator for your account.


Second, switch your Mandator by clicking the current Mandator name on the top right corner of vMAP page, then the available Mandators will be listed. You can directly click the Mandator name to switch.