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Definition of Layer

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What is layer in vMAP?

The layer is used to display datasets (point, line, and polygon) in vMAP. A map layer in vMAP usually contains groups of points, lines, or areas (polygons) that may represent a particular class or type of real-world entities such as customer, street, or postal code.

After you create a new mapview, the background map displays on the vMAP main page. Data (point/line/polygon) drawn on the background map are carried on a layer. For example, if you want your sales territories data to be shown on vMAP, you need to import your sales data onto a vMAP layer. Then combined with background map, your mapview which displays your sales territories is created.

To make the dataset visible or invisible on the basemap, click the layervisible icons in Layer Manager. (See the red box in the screenshot below)