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SWOT Analysis for Unique Post-Disaster Business Using vMAP

Sep 10, 2019

So you can hurt me, hurt me bad. But still i’ll raise the flag”, the quote is a lyric of a song titled Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay. Just like the lyrics of the song, every natural disaster that befell us will certainly cause extraordinary pain, but behind it all, we must still have a positive perspective. Natural disasters do not always cause losses, but can also provide an opportunity for business. With putting forward on ethics and humanity, here is a list of unique post-disaster business and its analysis:

Reward-based Crowdfunding Platform (Plantation sector)

a. Introduction

Maybe this business is not yet known to many people and there may also be many questions for you about the business, allow the author to answer possible questions that will arise.

Rewards-based Crowdfunding Platform is a website designed to facilitate fundraising to finance a certain business, in which entrepreneurs solicit financial donations from individuals in return for a product or service.

In the case of natural disasters, many entrepreneurs lose their businesses (especially plantations) due to the impact of natural disasters, and of course, they need funds to rebuild their businesses.

The entrepreneurs will explain their business and fundraising needed in the platform. As a reward for individuals who have donated, entrepreneurs will give rewards in the form of their products. For example, coffee farmers will give rewards in the form of coffee beans from their plantations to individuals who have donated to a certain amount.

Usually, the investors are individuals who operate/are interested in the same field or investors as well as consumers. For example, if those who need funds are coffee plantations/farmers, the  investors are coffee shops or coffee business owners.

Platform owners will get benefits in the form of service fees, the percentage of service fees depends on the regulations in their country regarding Crowdfunding.

b. SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is an evaluation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for a long-term business strategy. The following is a SWOT analysis for the Reward-based Crowdfunding Platform business (Case study: Coffee Plantations)


Figure 1. Share Map feature

An example of the figure below is the use of the Object Inspector feature in vMAP to provide general information about the location and description of coffee plantations that need to be funded and can also be updated periodically.


Figure 2. Display Information using Object Inspector

coffee_3     coffee_4

coffee_5     coffee_6

The display below is an estimate of the area that can be reached by a plantation within 20 minutes using "Route in minutes" feature.


Figure 3. Estimated area that can be covered by a coffee plantation (yellow arrow) in 20 minutes


Figure 4. Eruption Risk Zone

Overall, vMAP can help display information, plan strategies and evaluate the Reward-base Crowdfunding Platform business, especially in the plantation / agriculture sector. Might also be applicable to other sectors as well as other types of Crowdfunding.